Samstag, 10. Dezember 2011

Time for Shakespeare

Allie is hosting a fantastic event in January 2012: The Shakespeare Reading Month! The rules are very simple, it is basically just about reading anything concerning our beloved poet in January 2012.
Out of two reasons I could not resist taking part: Firstly, Shakespeare is in my opinion the most eloquent English poet of all times. His language is so very special that I can't stand reading or hearing a translated version of it.
The feeling I get whenever I read something by him is strangely very similar to what I felt when I watched Love Story for the first time... it just makes me sigh. (So guys, if you want to get a girl, go and learn Shakespeare by heart!)

Anyway, the second and more serious (though not more imprtant) reason is my obsession with being well-educated. I believe every literate person in the world should aim to read all of Shakespeare's plays, and since I have only read Romeo&Juliet and A Midsummernight's Dream I am woefully behind.

So in January I will be reading as much Shakespeare as possible, I will focus on his plays but I should manage to read some sonnets as well and I've also got a biography somewhere on my shelves.

However, these are the plays I am definitely going to read - Hold me accountable for them!

  • The Winter's Tale
  • Henry VIII or Macbeth, depending on my mood
  • Hamlet

Seems like there will be a lot of books under my Christmas tree.


  1. I'm glad that you signed up! It should be a great month of reading!

  2. Oh, this sounds interesting. I've already read "The Winter's Tale", I liked it a lot, so I hope you'll enjoy reading it. I haven't read Hamlet, I have, however, read both Henry VIII and Macbeth, I would suggest you read Macbeth, as I loved reading it, but of course I am not familiar with what kinds of books you enjoy reading.

  3. Good luck with all the plays, and I hope you enjoy them. Like you, I've only read two plays by Shakespeare (Hamlet and Much Ado About Nothing), and this post has convinced me to sign up for the event. Looking forward to your thoughts on the plays. :)

  4. Allie: Definitely, I am really looking forward to it!

    Helena: I have already heard a lot of good about Macbeth, so I'll probably heed your advice and go for it. Perhaps I can even manage both, but I promise nothing :)

    Darlyn: I'm glad I have done something good in this world again ;) The more participants, the more fun! Also, one can never know enough about Shakespeare..
    Welcome to my blog by the way, it is not as amazing as yours of course, but I'm working on it :)