Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2011

Finally a challenge!

After looking around on some great book blogs for a while I am proud to announce that I've finally chosen my first official reading challenge for 2012. It may seem a little strange to you how important this is to me, but considering my usual aversion to planning forward for longer than a week this really is a big thing for me!
Every time I try to plan something it's the same: First I am really excited and plan on doing much more things than it is possible for a breathing human being, then I get caught in tiny little details and in the end I am so frustrated that I give it all up.

Anyway, not this time! Without further procrastination I disclose my participation in Howling Frog Book's Greek Classics Challenge 2012!
I am aiming for level Thucydides which means that I will have to read at least 11 classic greek works.
I thought I would use this challenge as kind of an extra motivation to get on with my own Greek Tragedies Challenge, so I will mostly be reading plays from my list. However, I really appreciate the chance to share my thoughts on the greek classics with the other participants. I love discussing and I think this will be an excellent opportunity to do so.

All that's left to do for now is to try and figure out how to post the owl badge (which is gorgeous indeed)on my blog. Wish me luck!

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