Freitag, 3. Februar 2012

Dickens, The Rocky Horror Show and a ridiculously busy month

January has been insane. This is no exaggeration, I mean it. Looking back I don't even know how I managed to squeeze in four or five hours of sleep every night, let alone write the few blog posts I did.
I am really sorry for neglecting my dearly loved blog so much, and I am more than sorry that I have hardly had a free minute to check out your updates and leave comments. I promise that will change again from now on!

Now the embarrassing part of this post: the look back on my January reading. I have not managed to read a single book more than three, and one of these three books is A Tale of Two Cities which I haven't even finished yet, but I will count it for January nonetheless to make my list look a little less pathetic because I read the majority of it in the last month. I plan on finishing this one today (I can't even tell you how good it is!) and since I have nothing more interesting to write about at the moment I am going to explain to you why January has been such an exhausting month, apart from the finals, which are finally luckily over.

The reason for me aging years in one month...

My music teacher had the ambitious idea of performing a whole, real musical, The Rocky Horror Show, with my class, a bunch of ordinary 16-year-olds. The word "stressful" is a huge understatement for this project.
Not only did we have to play all the roles and sing, but we also had to organise everything, from the posters (see above) to technical equipment to buffet to costumes. I didn't play a role (since there weren't enough roles for all of us we decided to split the singing and the acting), but I sang four solos and was responsible for all textual changes.
The musical premiered yesterday, and to be honest I went on stage with chattering teeth, but it was amazing.
All of us were really motivated and as if by a miracle the show was better than in any rehearsal. Although the preparations were really exhausting, being actually on stage and performing in front of 200 people was simply amazing, and I have to admit that I have gained a whole new look on transvestites.

Anyway, term is almost over and for the next two weeks I will be participating in the so-called "Compassion Project", which means that I will be volunteering in a kindergarten with disabled children instead of going to school. I am already looking forward to it very much, and since I am only allowed to work for 6 hours every day I will have lots of time for reading and blogging! Oh, and one last thing: would anyone be interested in joining me in a Readathon on February 18, 19 or 20?
I have some plans (actually I have already designed a logo...), so please say if you're interested in taking part!


  1. I adore A Tale of Two Cities! Such a fabulous novel.

    I, too, would be interested in a readathon.

  2. Thank you! Two other participants, so I am not alone anymore! The official post and logo (muahaha, my whole pride!) will be up on Tuesday!

  3. Firsty, I want to congratulate you (or, rather, your music teacher) for taking on such an ambitious project, it can't have been easy, but since you seemed to have prepared well and rehearsed a lot, I am sure you did a wonderful job.
    Secondly I just wanted to tell you, that I would be delighted to join your Readathon.