Sonntag, 22. Januar 2012

End of term exa-LALALA, I can't hear you!

As it should be obvious for anyone reading this post's title my current state of mind is something between crazy and desperate. Almost one week has passed since my last post and, like Caro, I begin to think you might worry I'm dead. To reassure you: I am not, at least not quite, but there are those evil words hanging gloomily over my head like big black clouds. And, yes, you're right: they are END OF TERM EXAMS.
It's absolutely insane, my schedule consists of school, homework, piano practise and then studying until the small hours of the morning at the moment.

To prove that I'm not exaggerating, here's last week's test schedule:
  • Monday: Italian
  • Tuesday: Piano exam
  • Wednesday: Physics and Religion (hundreds of scriptures...)
  • Thursday: German and English
  • Friday: History
Not to mention the tons of homework I get every day...and it will continue like this for another week.

So in fact this is just my lame excuse very circuitous way of saying that I haven't read more than the first half of A Tale of Two Cities during the last ten days, which is especially frustrating since I'm loving it and can't wait to continue reading.
My ambitious plans of reading at least three Shakespearean plays have evaporated, but thanks to Allie's extension of time I think I'll be able to read at least Macbeth in case I suvive next week  once next week is over.
As for now, vector quantity is waiting for me! I hope you enjoy January more!

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  1. Ugh, I always hated exams. Best of luck, and hope you can find some time to read soon!