Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013

A Modern March

I admit, I am not exactly early in signing up for this event, but the heaps of snow weighing down on the landscape here have made March seem very far away. Apparently Austria is experiencing the coldest winter in twenty years; it's foggy, not a single snowdrop has fought its way through the frozen soil yet and I am very close to developing a serious case of seasonal affective disorder.

Anyway, since it is almost March despite what the weather says it is high time I announced my participation in Allie's Modern March. As the name implies, this literary event focuses on Modernist writers, which I find especially exciting because to my shame I hardly have any experience with them. But to be honest I am a tiny little bit apprehensive at the same time since my attempt to read Virginia Woolf last year didn't go too well. Mrs. Dalloway seemed interesting enough, but unfortunately I did not understand a word of it. Whenever a personal pronoun was mentioned I was at a complete loss because I had no idea who was being referred to. I'll try again in the next few weeks, but don't expect stream-of-consciousness and me to become friends anytime soon.

Apart from Mrs. Dalloway I have To the Lighthouse on my shelves, which I will probably read to give Virginia Woolf a second chance. And, if all else fails I still have Kafka's The Metamorphosis waiting for me in its original version: the privilege of a German reader.

Last but not least I am looking forward very much to a first encounter with F. Scott Fitzgerald. My copy of the iconic Great Gatsby has finally arrived and I cannot wait to start it. As always when I am about to read such a famous and well-loved classic I am even a little nervous.
Here's to hoping that March will be exciting (and warm)!


  1. Niiiice. The Great Gatsby is a fabulous book, and I'm pretty sure I'll have to reread it soon. It's that kind of book. Virginia Woolf is an author I have never read yet (sorry O!), but I own a copy of Mrs. Dalloway and I intend to read it in April or May.

    Ah, The Metamorphosis. I read it six or seven years ago, and it went completely over my head. I had read maybe three classics back then, so that'd explain part of the difficulty. Let us know what you think!

    1. Haha, believe it or not, I have the same obsessive desire to adologise to o! :P
      But we'll see, we might turn into regular Woolf-converts yet!

  2. Virginia Woolf is daunting, I think her most accessible book is not a novel but A Room of one's own which everyone should read at least once. I found To the Lighthouse a bit easier than Mrs Dalloway but then I am looking back to uni days and that was a while ago.
    Metamorphosis is an excellent choice, wish I could read in a language other than english. I keep meaning to re-read Fitzgerald too, look forward to reading your thoughts on those books.

    1. I've heard that several times, so I will probably give A Room of One's Own a chance if I absolutely can't deal with Virginia Woolf. It's just hard to get a copy of it here!