Samstag, 7. Juli 2012

Au Revoir

Yesterday was the date I anticipated most for many months: the last day of school. Finally I have passed all tests, written all essays, done all research projects and, thank God, received my certificate.
What lies before me now are two golden months of summer holidays before the madness begins again.
Summer holidays mean reading, sleeping until noon, lazy afternoons at the pool - and travelling.
Tomorrow my dad, Honeyponey and I are leaving at an unearthly hour for France. At least when she's in a good mood Honey is the sweetest "little" sister you can imagine, she is 18 but doesn't quite act her age, and my dad is a slightly confused person anyway, so most of the planning and navigation of our trip will be up to me. I don't really mind though, if nothing else it will be a splendid opportunity to practise my French. Five years of learning have to amount to something, don't they?

According to the plan we will be touring the south of France for the next two weeks and the weather is currently the very picture of summer, so I am really excited. From Graz we will drive to San Remo in Italy first  and then further on to France, along the shore of the legendary Côte d'Azur with a stop in Monaco to the Provence and then as far west as to Toulouse. I am still trying to convince my dad to extend the trip to Andorra for a day, but even if he doesn't give in I will still see places as famous as Nice, Cannes, Marseille, Avignon, Nîmes and Carcassonne. I think to say that I am excited is in fact the understatement of the year.
The only drop of bitterness is that I will not be around to blog and read your posts for two whole weeks. I will have a hard time catching up on all of you once I'm back!

I don't expect to have much time for reading, but since I never leave home without a book I am of course taking some Victorians with me. Wuthering Heights will stay in Austria because somehow I'm having a hard time getting into it and I'd rather read it when I'm craving some Bronte romance instead of having to force myself to read it. Apart from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (short stories are fantastic for travelling) I will also be taking my edition of Oscar Wilde's plays with me and probably finish An Ideal Husband. 
Anyway, what I am most excited about is North and South, I have read the first hundred pages and want to read on and on and on; in short I'm utterly loving it and could continue to write about it for a long time, but my unpacked suitcase is calling me. Au revoir, mes amis et à bientôt!


  1. Enjoy your trip! You deserve it!

    I love North and South something fierce-I hope that when you finish it you love it too. :)

  2. Enjoy the holiday! Will miss your posts and reviews though..

  3. Bonne vacances! Tell us all about your holiday when you get back please!

  4. North and South is AMAZING. One of the best books I've read this year!

    Have a lovely time! I'll miss you :) Can't wait for your return blog post!

  5. Have a lovely holiday, it sounds awesome! I do love France :). ALSO you've sort of half convinced me to read North and South (which I've had lying around for aaaages!) so thanks for that! Might have to wait to be convinced that it's all awesome before I read it :) hehe

  6. Congrats on finishing up the school year and have a lovely time on your trip. It sounds wonderful! North and South was a favorite read a few years back--I hope it continues to be so for you.

  7. Have a fantastic holiday! After I finished North and South it was immediately added to my selective list of All-Time Favourites. I hesitate to hype books up for other readers, but I'm confident you'll fall in love with John Thornton and the novel as a whole. He's so dreamy. ;)

  8. I had a mini panic attack when I read the title of this post- I thought you were saying goodbye to blogging for good. Needless to say, I was thrilled when I read it was just a short vacation.
    Which brings me to- congratulations on finishing the school year, and have the most amazing time on your trip! All the places you mentioned seem lovely and fascinating, I hope you'll talk about it when you're back. :)