Montag, 28. Mai 2012

Read at once if convenient - If inconvenient read anyway

Almost two years after the original release Austrian television has finally performed the miracle of broadcasting BBC's Sherlock. Since I am really late to jump on the bandwagon (and also because they are exactly what everyone else is feeling) I am going to keep my emotions on the topic short. I have slowly travelled through three mental stages: first, doubt.
I guess this is obvious: when you think of Sherlock Holmes you think of a man brooding with a pipe over pages of handwritten and ink-stained notes, not of a texting guy with nicotine patches. Also, I had read some of the short stories before and always thought that "the Victorian feeling" made up quite a part of their charm.
Needless to say, I was completely wrong. Sherlock still lives, so the modernisation feels like the most natural thing in the world; which brings us to stage two, enthusiasm.
No explanation is necessary. This show is the best I have seen on TV for many, many years.

Unfortunately there is stage three, desperation, lurking in the shadows. The Reichenbach Fall is the last episode left to be broadcasted and then there will be no more Sherlock for at least a year. In addition to the impending break, the reactions I have picked up online regarding the finale of Season Two have been somewhat traumatic. Oh yes, I am frightened. Thank God there is something to cheer me up:
It is about time I seriously started reading Sherlock Holmes! 
My latest acquisitions
In between the books you see a really beautiful  book mark I received from the owner of a bookshop in Grado, the Libreria Dante. He gave it to me when my mama bought a newspaper there and I shot longing glances at an Italian copy of the Divine Comedy. I explained to him in very broken Italian that I would love to read it, whereupon I had to promise him that I would come back and buy it once my Italian was good enough.
 As a substitute for Sherlock on TV and also as part of Allie's Victorian Celebration starting in June, I ordered The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and A Study in Scarlet. Isn't the edition amazing? I usually don't like book covers with actors on them, but in Sherlock's case I am overjoyed. Thank you, BBC Books!


  1. Oh, Sherlock Holmes is so fun! I must say, though, that I prefer the other novels. ACD didn't know the first thing about Mormons--he made it all up for a nicely exotic villain, just like he would have used fanatical Thuggees or Mussulmen, only he probably knew more actual facts about Hindus and Muslims. So keep that in mind as you enjoy the adventure! :)

    1. I have already heard several people complaining of that. Obviously he really didn't do his research. I am simply going to regard his Mormon as a fancy, invented bad guy.
      Don't worry: I know that Mormons are cool ;)

  2. I love the Sherlock series! Although, my biggest irritation with "Reichenbach Fall" is that I already knew the (original) story so I couldn't be surprised by it. :) I think there are definitely some Sherlock stories in store for me this summer; if I remember correctly I will be reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes next in the series.

    How nice of the shopkeeper to give you the bookmark. Now you'll really have to learn Italian well! What I've read of Dante in my rather bad Italian is lovely...

    1. Yeah, another fan!Long live Sherlock Holmes :)
      I hope Reichenbach Fall is not going to give me a heart-attack...we'll see.

      Girl, if your Italian is bad then mine is non-existent!
      The shop was lovely know where to get your books in Grado now ;)

  3. Um, I love Benedict Cumberbatch. Like, LOVE. He and I should get married. I think Diana Cumberbatch has a nice ring to it, don't you? ;)

    1. You are destined to marry him! Diana Cumberbatch sounds absolutely divine! I will be invited to the wedding, won't I? ;)